Going to need the second book by Terry Lovelace soon

Won’t take too long to read the first book he wrote. I should lookup the Benny Hill or whoever story though. I’ve heard parts of it, on various shows. Probably don’t know everything.

Just don’t ship the book to her house, ship it to the Amazon locker instead. That’ll make it so I can only buy stuff from Amazon online. If I get 5k in the credit union, I’ll get evicted. That means no more rent for me. Might be homeless, but that’s better than paying rent. I’ll go find a nice cozy cave.

You can’t ship stuff here, nobody knows how to read to deliver to the correct address. Neighbors don’t give the office my package, they keep it for themselves. I can’t buy the stuff I buy in town. I don’t buy stuff I don’t want.

Well, I must not recall the name of the Hill story. If it is Hill for their last name. It’s Barney and Betty Hill.

You can find info about it for free, but it’s hard to read on a 1440p monitor. You could increase the text size. But it still might be hard. Earthfiles has it, but that costs money, only two parts on Earthfiles, the other site has at least three parts, I only read the first part. Little white text on a black background doesn’t make for a good reading experience.

Read another chapter, finally on Incident At Devils Den. The Alien lady might be the last chapter. I think it starts around page 200.

Far more interesting than bibles. Bibles will make you fall a sleep, even the Enoch one. I have the Enoch PDF, but I’m too lazy to read it.

Might need to shit again, I was holding it in, for two reasons, one to read another chapter, and two so all of it might be ready at the same time. That dump was stinky, and felt like a rock came out.

There we go, I read over half of the book now. Didn’t share a lot of details about the incident. That is the chapter after the incident chapter, the incident chapter is short. Apparently something horrible happened to them on the spaceship.

Alien abductions might not be a thing to joke about. If you think Aliens are here to help us, apparently that’s not always if ever the case.

You can only read so much in the dark, your eyes will get sleepy.