Updated my Switch

The emuMMC. Got a game coming on Friday, most likely.

Looks like the new patches work with Hekate.

Firmware 10.1.0 is what I updated to. I also updated Atmosphere.

I could update the sysNAND, but I’m paranoid. I did restore a backup, but I don’t think it had a backup of boot. Not that it matters. So it might be clean, or it might not be clean. Not clean, you get banned.

I don’t intend on playing the games in sysNAND, so I’ll leave it as is. I’ll be using the homebrew, that installs gamecards. I could do the slow backing up, and then installing the NSP, but if the homebrew installs without that, I shouldn’t need twice as much space.

Next month, I have to pre order Pikmin 3, it’s the Wii U version, coming to the Switch.

I should order a Switch game every month, so I get a huge pile of Switch games. I’ll need a heavy duty safe as well, so they can’t just take the safe somewhere else to blow open.