Super Mario 64

The controls suck in that game as well, that is the movement, just like the new Animal Crossing game.

And there’s blackness on the edges of that game on the Switch.

It comes with Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

The movement in Super Mario 64, might piss you off more then the Animal Crossing game. As you can fall into nothing, and exit the painting. Or is it the sky you fall into? Either way, you exit the level/painting when it happens.

I didn’t try the other two Mario games yet. But, it definitely wasn’t worth $60+ for Super Mario 64. I did get around $10 back, some pre-order price protection. It’s really just a cash grab job. It ships in 1-2 days on Amazon, so not completely sold out.

Maybe the Nintendo 64 emulator it has built in, can be used for other games. Then it’s worth $60.