Bunch of Mario games coming to the Switch

Do you have to buy each one separate? I want em all. Even if I don’t play or open it. It’s a collectors item.

Gonna need to update my sysNAND. One of them you can play online. Think I restored my NAND backup, so it’s clean, or should be. Nope, don’t need to use my sysNAND. The online one is an old game, made into an online game, meaning I’ll suck at it, and be the first one dead every time.

Does the AR Mario Kart come with a camera or something?

Is there a psychical version of the 3D one that comes with three games? Super Mario 3D All-Stars is the name of it. As soon as the preorder is live, for the non digital version, I’ll pre order it. It’s a limited run. Maybe buy two, one to keep sealed, and the other to play.

Nice, it’s on Amazon already, I pre ordered it. It’s really just a money grab though. Old games, that cost $60 for all three. That’s only $20 a piece though. But, you can play all of them for free. Good news, I can probably sell it for $100 or more on eBay, once it’s sold out. I’ll keep it, I collect games.

Should probably cancel it, I already got regret for spending money that they haven’t taken yet. I don’t like spending my money. I like piling it up. I’ll get evicted if I do that, I just need 5k in the credit union. No regret for buying CBD though.

Is the $30 Mario Monopoly game the same one in the video? The Nintendo site doesn’t have anything about it. It’s been available since July 1, 2020.

Supposedly it’s faster then regular Monopoly.