Pikmin 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Since it’s old, will it be cheap? It originally was for the Wii U, I don’t own a Wii U.

I will buy that game, as soon as I can.

My mom let my sister trade my rare Pikmin game for the original Wii. I’ll be pissed about that till I die. Then, I’ll probably reincarnate, and not remember anymore. I do have the demo. But the version you buy is better.

That’s one of my favorite games. I should play the Wii one. But, I’m lazy. I even like the 3DS Pikmin game. For some reason, I won’t play it, even though I love it. If it was on my computer, I’d play it.

Why does Amazon charge $40 for Hey! PIKMIN? That’s the 3DS version. A third party seller is $22 or so. I should buy it, even though I have the full demo. It’s a collectable item.

Good idea, buy Pikmin figures as well, to decorate my apartment, the new theme will be Pikmin. If a lady ever comes over, she’ll know I’m insane.

It’s $18 on eBay. Not sure, I want to collect it bad enough.

Damn money, I can’t spend $18, apparently. World War 3 will happen, I’ll need the $18 for a roll of toilet paper.