No daybreak

The SD Setup site, doesn’t have the homebrew daybreak app in it. I downloaded the official Atmosphere zip, and extracted the NRO from it. After Animal Crossing is done reinstalling, I’ll shut it off again, and put daybreak on it.

I have to use fusee-primary to get sig patches to work, for the demo. Some site claims they have Hekate patches, but they don’t work.

The game opens now. Sucks, I can’t use Hekate, that lets you choose what to boot. At least, Atmosphere defaults to emuMMC.

Some of my demos work booting from Hekate, not Animal Crossing.

I don’t actually play my Switch, I occasionally update it though.

And the daybreak app is on it now, it shows up in the homebrew menu. I already updated the firmware using the other updater.

Using fusee-primary, makes the Switch even slower, I have a cheap micro SD card, $50 or $60, for a 512 GB one. Same brand as the one I killed, probably from a shitty SD card reader.

I think I’m going to stop using SD Setup. No more sig patches, thanks to a DMCA take down. And, they don’t even include daybreak, I wanted to try it.

I need to clean the switch folder, it has old versions of crap. Just delete the entire folder, and start over.