I should sell my Switch

It’s unpatched, so worth more. Animal Crossing is boring. Glad I got the free version. No idea why you’d buy a Switch for just that game.

Fallout 76 is boring too. Probably because I refuse to do the quests. So, I basically sit around, waiting for stuff to get sold out of my vendor, so I can buy stuff in it. And, the last time I was playing, nobody even went to my CAMP.

Don’t need any money, so I’ll keep it. It would be more fun to smash it with a hammer, except, I don’t have a hammer.

Got to get my own cell service. Don’t want the T-Mobile number I have. I’m not paying to change it either. If I don’t pay for minutes or texts on US Mobile, will both just fail? Just get a tiny bit of data, and use VoIP. Use Google, so they can sell your voice conversations & texts.

Now, to eat a frozen pizza, cooked in the microwave. Might make me sick. Or, I won’t like it, and throw it away, and have no appetite. If that’s the case, I’ll buy more, so I don’t have to actually eat. Except, I’d have to pay a cab to get a ride somewhere. Not worth it.