Quark doesn't support Java 8 anymore

/usr/lib/jvm/java-10-openjdk/bin/java -jar Quark.jar

ns-usbloader doesn’t work, or not with Java 8. The above will run Quark, after you install jre10-openjdk. There is no 9, in Manjaro, maybe an AUR package.

I don’t care about the official Java. You can change the default Java, but that might mess something else up.

Maybe I need the legacy ns-usbloader.

The damn third party controller drains batteries, even when it’s off. I’d have to remove the batteries from the controller to prevent that, people that don’t use rechargeable batteries must be pissed. I’ve used two brands in it, Amazon, and Eneloop, possibly Sanyo, don’t know if I have any Panasonic ones.

It’s a PowerA controller, slightly cheaper then a Pro controller, and uses double A batteries, no need for a cable to charge the batteries, just pop some charged ones in, and put the dead ones on charger. No need to take the controller apart, to replace the built in battery.

The batteries are low discharge, so the controller doesn’t turn all the way off, and somehow uses a ton of power. Only one battery had a under voltage under 1. The charger says when you put a battery on it.

Animal Crossing works, or opens, and you can see them talking. I may or may not play it. The Sims 4 got boring. Not sure what else to do in The Sims 4, they have a shitload of money, but their bills are almost 6k. Watching them have sex is only interesting so many times. What’s more funny, is them exercising naked, on their own.

Java makes the GPU hot. Java is shit. That program shouldn’t need the GPU to do much.