Nice, I just found a Switch demo site, with NZB

That is what the news site uses. No Google Drive or any other crap. Well, Google Drive has been working, without the message about too many people downloading.

Apparently, I’ve been to the site before. I don’t recall their being NZB before. I wonder if their Animal Crossing demo is valid, when checking it with Probably not, it’s probably the exact same file.

Just search DuckDuckGo for “n”, “x”, “b”, “r”, “e”, “?”, the last letter should be easy to guess. For some reason Nintendo doesn’t like demos.

I plan on getting lots of Switch demos. I probably won’t play any of them, I’m a file hoarder.

Three good with that download. Still not all. It’s possible I need new keys to verify it. Nope, still only three good, one is bad or corrupted.

Lame, not all the demos have a NZB. That must be why I didn’t bookmark the site when I went there before.