How do you copy your Firefox data to a Flatpak Firefox?

The Flatpak Firefox might be faster, didn’t actually do anything in it though. It must store it’s profile somewhere else.

It runs in a sandbox, so no need for Firejail. But, how do you run it without clicking launch in the software thing?

Probably by running “flatpak run org.mozilla.firefox” in a terminal. Info doesn’t say where anything is stored.

The folder is “/home/pornstar/.var/app/org.mozilla.firefox/.mozilla/firefox/”, I found it by going to about:profiles, and then searching for the profile folder in my home directory.

Nice, it worked. I just copied everything from my system installed profile, to the Flatpak profile.

It won’t open a second time. Just refresh Firefox, then copy the extensions folder over to the new profile, all your other important data will be saved.

The folder contents you want to copy is in ~/.mozilla/firefox, copy everything in the profile folder to the profile folder in ~/.var/app/org.mozilla.firefox/.mozilla/firefox/, then refresh, and then just copy the extensions folder from ~/.mozilla/firefox/profile_folder.

You can get the profile folders by going to “about:profiles”.

Refresh Firefox Instructions

You could also, follow the instructions about copying your important data to a new profile. That’ll only work, if it tells you what to copy, not everything.

Didn’t work on my laptop. Don’t know why. Just used the sync to get everything, well except for the cookies. Copying the important files Mozilla’s site says, didn’t work either.

So, this how to is useless, just use the Firefox Sync.

Haha, I didn’t follow my instructions. Don’t copy to the .cache folder. No wonder it didn’t work. The file manager must not show hidden folders on my laptop.