Where do you get working Switch game updates?

Well, you could get it from Nintendo. I deleted my demo, then reinstalled just the demo, no DLC demo, or update demo.

The demo opens now. But, I’m missing the update and DLC.

Whatever I downloaded earlier is fake.

I can’t download from Nintendo, the internet is blocked on my Switch. And the WiFi can’t connect, it doesn’t support WPA Enterprise.

The site that is getting sued, apparently they frown upon demos, is still online. But that’s some slow ass downloading.

Usenet is dead. Boohoo. Also, dealing with NZB “bullshit” is way better then the other crap. No wonder that update didn’t work, there’s a Plus version. Don’t know what the difference is. I’ll keep waiting for my slow ass download.

Damn, the update demo isn’t done, after taking another runny dump.

That did the trick. The demo still opens. Says Plus now though.