That Animal Crossing demo might be malware

Only 0 good.

According to That’s a bummer.

I do use emuMMC, so I might be safe, unless it overclocks and fries my Switch.

I’ll wait for a legit demo. I can make my own, by ordering it online. Then, I get the full version, not the demo.

No idea if I like that game. Never played it. But it’s worth buying, as a collectable. In the future, it’ll be worth some good money.

Like the Pikmin game I had that my mom let my sister trade in. I had to get the demo of that game to get it. The game is rare.

I’ll keep the demo, in case I get brave.

I need to join a private torrent tracker, I was part of one, but didn’t login, so they deleted my account. Then, I need a VPN too. Oh wait, a private tracker might not be needed, just a VPN.

Or use

A VPN is cheaper then Channels DVR.