Switch is updated

Updated Kosmos, and the firmware. Updated to 9.1.0 for the firmware. The CFW is the currently newest one.

The PowerA controller I have, drains batteries when it’s not in use. The batteries in it died. Rechargeable low discharge batteries. How long has it been since I turned the controller on? Probably months.

I don’t care, I have a shitload of rechargeable AA batteries.

Looks like I need a software update for Sonic. Said some update needed before on the old firmware, thought I needed to upgrade the firmware. And I did install an update. Must be another update. Didn’t try any other games.

It’s possible I forgot to put a checkmark on the sig patches. Looks like I might have the sig patches, looked in the folder where I extracted it.

On another note, Borderlands 3 is only $20 for the PS4. That’s probably all it’s worth. I want to play it on the TV, no sound with Remote Play using Steam.

How long will it be that price? Maybe it’ll go down to $10. I have a game to play on my PS4, that is probably better. But, I’m to lazy to play it.

The new DOOM might be fun, I doubt that’s what it looks like on a shitty PS4 though. Comes out in two days. I won’t buy anything on Steam, not till they fix the Remote Play.