TX Demos SX OS v3.0.0 Running On Switch Lite

Is the video real? Somebody said the lightning in the video changes. The lightning does indeed change, not that it means anything. Depends what the video was taken with.

Maybe the light on the screen changing, caused a setting on the camera to change. Will it do that if you are in manual mode on the camera? I don’t really take videos, so I don’t know if the lightning changing means anything.

Also, if it was fake, I doubt the lightning would be the indicator, they would probably take the two separate videos at the same place, probably minutes between each video.

And what’s the point in faking it? Why would they want to kill their reputation?

Based on the comments from TX haters, that might be a good reason to switch back to SX OS. But, you could say the same for TX lovers. So use no CFW.

That’s what I do, not use CFW. I have it, but I don’t use my Switch.

Looks more like the camera changing settings.