Project Lunar

Apparently that’s going in closed beta today. Might already be available. Looks like you need Discord to get access to the closed beta, after donating of course. I won’t donate, since it requires Discord, and a shitty Windows VM.

Maybe a pirate will share the beta for everybody, and not on Discord.

Now, if it was IRC, I’d use it. But not Discord.

There’s some bugs using Xbox controllers, probably will be fixed eventually. Will it support the Xbox 360’s wireless receiver? Then, I don’t have to pay $25 for the wireless SEGA Genesis Mini controller.

Except the wireless controller made for it, looks like a SEGA controller. The game experience might not be as fun with a Xbox 360 controller, it might not feel right using a controller that didn’t exist when those games came out.

Looks like they closed donations temporally. That’s a bummer.