Project Lunar is available to everybody

But it’s Windows only. I might be to lazy to boot my shitty Windows VM. Also, I need access to my network shares, but the bridge isn’t always on, so Linux will get a new IP, because the MAC address is different. Can I change the MAC address for the bridge to be the same as the real MAC? Maybe. Just need to check what MAC address is on the router. Didn’t work, need to change the bridge0 MAC, not the slave, whatever the slave is.

You might be able to do it manually. Or maybe if you change the MAC address on the non bridge, and then change the bridge to the real MAC.

Or change the router to give the fake MAC the same IP. But, then you’ll want the bridge on all the time. That benefits Windows, no thanks.

If I’m not looking at the Powerline software, just use the other networking option, you don’t need to manually do anything for that, just turn it on in Virtual Machine Manager.

Assign a static IP to the bridge interface, then you don’t have to change the router to the fake MAC, and then back to the real MAC.

Damn, might not work with KVM. Says no console found, even though Windows sees an Allwinner device. You can click yes, and it installs it. Maybe, I didn’t read it right, the message it said.

It’s working, it’s backing it up now.

Said it installed successfully.

Have to wait for a future update, to use my Xbox 360 controller on it, and that’s assuming the wireless dongle works with it. Says there’s issues with some third party controllers. Should just buy the wireless one made for it.

Crap, I’m going to need more space most likely.

Haha, if the sync is taking ages, make sure the USB is still redirected to the VM, mine wasn’t.

How do you add cores? No idea, now to see if it works. Didn’t add that many games, don’t have that many. I’m to lazy to get more.

And it works.

Think it says it supports Sega CD, but is that using RetroArch? Either way, not enough space on it, for even one Sega CD game. Well, maybe one small Sega CD game.