Get your NSPs from Reddit

They have a NSP section. You just need to use a base64 decoder.

Nice and slow downloads, for the demo I’m downloading. I’m not paying $11 a month. I don’t know if everything on Reddit is on that site, if it isn’t, then it’s a waste of money. As you’ll be paying $11 for a ton of sites.

Usenet is useless for recent stuff, all 4 MB exe files.

Almost 300 KB/s. That’s the old day speed.

I wonder if those downloads work in a download manager. And yes, they do. I clicked the download icon in Safari, and right clicked the download, and clicked copy address, pasted it into the link grabber in JDownloader.

You could also use Discord, but I’ll pass. I don’t like chatrooms. At least not Discord, too many avatars. I’d use IRC though.