Dragon Quest Builders 2

So it’s like Minecraft, except there’s a purpose besides building stuff. Running around building stuff, but no story or anything, makes a boring game, that’s Minecraft. Also Dragon Quest Builders 2 might look better than Minecraft.

One person says the first one is better. Is the first one for the Switch? Cause, I only have the second demo. Yes it is, but do you really need to play the first? I do have 113 GB or so free on my micro SD card.

Damn, if it’s any good, I’ll have to buy both of them. Keep them sealed, maybe somebody will pay me more then I pay in the future. Except, money will be worth less then.

Haha, almost 1 TB worth of Switch demos. Probably duplicates, the archives of some demos, and the extracted demo. 519 GB now, after cleaning it.