Nice, that installs CIA files to your 3DS from your computer, directly to the micro SD card. You just run a I assume homebrew app, after you run the script, to finish the install.

Any good 3DS games I don’t have? Takes a long time on the 3DS to do it directly, and you need enough free space, to hold the CIA and the installed game. I don’t really play my N3DS anymore though.

You need to dump two things. Don’t know how, maybe with I forgot what it’s called. Think if I hold a button when turning it on, I get a menu, with whatever it is. What keys do you hold?

GodMode9, hold start down.

Got the files. Not in the same spot. Now, I just need a tiny screwdriver. I’m too lazy to get up. The Simpsons is ready, Mythtv finished flagging commercials. Now, to see if the audio sync is any better. The 3DS can wait.