You know why online dating sites don't work?

Read some real profile on POF. And you’ll see, they are on there for a reason. Unattractive isn’t the reason anybody uses online dating, they might think they are, but that isn’t the reason.

I already know I’m attractive. Well, at least my body is, probably not my face.

Nothing will come of it. Other then depression and who knows what else. You are kind of taking advantage of somebody, if you interact with anybody on a dating site. Advantage because they are vulnerable. You know nobody somewhere else would date you, so why should anybody on a dating site?

Yes I can find a way to make anything depressing. That’s the beauty of depression. It’s hard coded into me. Medicine can’t fully get rid of it. My personality would be different without the depression.

You’d be better of adding every female on Facebook as a friend, then using a dating site. Use a picture of me, nobody will accept your friend request that way. It’ll enforce your belief that you are a pile of shit.

The AC makes a loud noise when on, like something rattling.