Tonka isn't looking for me?

That’s surprising. She must of been really hot. She sent a picture, of her sleeping on the carpet.

She is a little bit. I might miss her more then she misses me though. Being alone sucks. I should vacuum and sweep. But I think I’ll go to bed soon instead. Just got to lookup making eggs in the conventional oven. So I can make eggs tomorrow morning.

She’s not alone, there’s people over there. She’d be howling if she was alone. She does that if I leave her home. The reason she isn’t left home. The other dogs would be there, but it’s after 8 pm, so she wouldn’t be happy.

If they didn’t kill the AC, she’d be here. They covered it in something, that could be part of the problem. File a complaint with housing. Making me be alone.

17 minutes for eggs in the oven. Possibly longer. Think it said 350 for the temp. Does it taste better then microwave eggs? Should of got some muffins or something too.