Tonka is fast a sleep on her dog bed

With a fan blowing on her. She has two spots now, her dog bed, and the Cool Pad in front of the TV.

I don’t think I need a fan for me anymore, just a better circulating fan for the living room. That might be the wrong word. It moves back and fourth.

No to Lasko, that’s what it is, and I had to fix it twice so far. Should break soon. It’s on all the time now.

Get a Vornado air circulating fan. The biggest one they have. That might last longer.

Oscillating might be the word, Vornado might not be that great, might only last a year. That’s their tower fan though.

Did I pay $35 for my fan? Maybe there’s a way to permanently fix it. Might be more then whatever I fix wrong with it. Nope, probably paid $20 after tax, maybe a little more. Be cheap, and buy the same one.

Will two work better then one? Maybe if you put them in the right spots.

Need to go to bed, but still filling the pitcher up. The medicine will wear off, and I won’t fall a sleep.