That's all?

The AC was still covered up. The maintenance guy came in and opened my window, and uncovered it. Then we had to wait five minutes for it to turn on, and now it’s cooling a lot better.

Since it’s cooling better, they decided it was fixed. Just have to see if the temperature goes down, and it doesn’t start blowing non cold air at.

He said covering it up, will make it overheat, the part that’s outside.

At least Tonka probably gets to come home today. Nice it just went down, before it couldn’t make the temperature goes down. Just slowly went up.

I’m looking at my standalone thermometer. To lazy to get up and lift the thing up to see what the AC says.

If my computer goes under 30C, it’s fixed. Well, now it won’t, compiling the latest 4.17 kernel.

It’s funny watching the temperature, pretty sure the fan is super low, so before it would jump to around 40C, then go right back down, as the fan most likely turned on. It’s at 40C right now. The fan might be lazy.


There we go, it went under 40C for a second, my CPU. The thermometer says 77.7F.

Did the AC just stop cooling? Was 76.4F, then cranked up to 76.6F. That might still be cool enough for the dog, and she bought her a cooling pad. It’s also for her joints. It’s made out of some kind of gel. I remember in the past, the dogs liked laying on kitchen floors, because of what it’s made out of, and it’s cool.

Haha, according to the AC it’s 78F. Now 77F. Back to 78F. The thermometer is broken on it. It’s over 90F outside though.

CPU is staying at 40C. That’s on air. Maybe we can go to Target, and get another fan. The dog needs a fan too. Computer and I have one. She doesn’t sleep on my bed, so the fan for me, she can’t use too. And it needs to be on all the time, wherever she likes laying the most. Hopefully on her new cooling mat.

Problem with buying a fan, everybody might be sold out already. Should of got one the other day.

I turn the fan in my bedroom off, because I don’t want to have to fix it again. It gets loose or something, and you have to reattach something. Lucky it’s a plastic blade, otherwise I’d lose a finger or two. You have to take the blade off.