That might of got rid of the stuttering

In Battlefield 1, not the red FPS drop, still drops to 41, no idea why. Can’t use the overlay for the AMD driver that shows stats on your video card, ALT R does nothing.

Did some of the stuff here for lag spikes, didn’t really have lag spikes though. Don’t need One Drive running, I don’t use it.

And I used GameBoostHD, there’s no GUI, when you open it, you see nothing. But if you look in the Task Manager, it’s running.

Need to disable the FPS counter in Battlefield 1, then if it doesn’t stutter anymore, I won’t know the FPS is dropping. Except, I’ll get an icon, I have no idea what any of the icons mean, you can look it up, I did once, and forgot.

The overlay might work if you play in windowed mode.

That’s helpful, took control of some unknown folder’s permissions. So just do it for the entire C drive? Horrible grammar too. Apparently people that play video games are brain dead.

i recommend you stop being a fanboy and research about CPUs
and get an intel

Sounds like they are a Intel fanboy. Also, good grammar.