That didn't take long

Took Tonka out in the heat, then when we got in, she went and laid on her Cool Pad.

Either that, or that’s where she wanted to lay. Or both. She might be old, but smart for a dog. She could of been a certified service dog, if we went somewhere else for private training. That person didn’t know what she was talking about. She was younger then. Probably more willing to learn then too. Now she’s old, and just wants to lay down.

They claim you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I’m not convinced. It depends on the dog. I doubt that applies to all dogs. Tonka teaches herself stuff, so that claim is a load of horseshit.

Take her to a farm, and she’d probably herd without any help from me. She might of been born knowing how to do that though. She tried herding my sister’s son when he was little. I don’t think he liked it. That’s why I need a border collie puppy, so they can herd each other. They’d have to be at the pound though. I don’t go to breeders. Tonka isn’t full border collie.

I only like living with border collies and black labs. I wouldn’t get any other breed. Finding a lab is easy, the pound and other shelters probably almost always have labs.

Those are the easiest dogs to get attached to. At least for me.