That article might of been a lie

The iPhone SE I may of bought, the article said you can use a different SIM card with it. Looking at the questions on Walmart’s site, and searching Google, it might not work. Or it might only work with anything except AT&T’s prepaid service, the Go Phone or whatever.

You can apparently get it unlocked for $10. Less then I thought it would be. Usually it’s $30 to unlock an iPhone. Can take 14 days though.

A review says it worked with TracFone, they own Straight Talk. The iPhone is straight talk branded. Where did that article get their info? They didn’t even link to it on Walmart’s site. Was hard to find.

Good luck unlocking anything Straight Talk. The $10 site might be crap. You can get a SIM interposer, but they suck.

What other competitors do is they are giving service in the name of ‘Worldwide unlock” and they use hacking tools to hack into iPhone and Apple Database. This will, in turn, lead to blacklisting of your iPhone, which will make your iPhone dead forever. We request you not to fall for such cheap services.

Another site. They are probably lying, and also use hacking tools. In other words, you risk making your cheap iPhone dead forever. Even with the $28 one.

And the $28 site, might be a scam, according to YouTube. Didn’t watch the videos, just read the title.

Yup, it’s a scam, just read Reddit.

Won’t use Straight Talk for a year, to get an unlock code, that’s over $400 for a year. You can buy an unlocked iPhone SE for that much or less, directly from Apple.

Another article says Straight Talk phones are usually locked for 12 months, on the deal I got. You can get cell service for less then $35 a month. It’s refurbished, so maybe it was already used for 12 months, just keep sending it back till you get one.

How did one person’s Tracfone SIM card work though? That’s cheaper then Straight Talk. I need a new number anyways. Some collection agency keeps calling.

Why would I pay $35 a month to Straight Talk? If forwarding voice mail to Google works, I’ll pay for it. I already have one month of service. And if it’s really on Verizon’s network.