Doctor updated my medication, I take 100 mg of Zoloft, and 90 mg of DULoxetine.

That combination makes you feel great, no more unwanted sexual thoughts, and no depression.

Funny though, he hasn’t used that particular combination with anybody else. Should be safe, he just hasn’t done it before.

I’ll take no sex drive if it means no OCD.

Felt almost as good as the three days that I felt better for when on the “dirty” antidepressant, it was for sleep.

He has used more then one antidepressant with other patients, just not the combination for me. I have zero idea why it works so well. It’s more effective then 200 mg of the Zoloft.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to 100 mg Zoloft, and 90 mg of the other stuff.

Next month when I see him, I’ll ask if he knows why that works so much better. Somehow they boost each other, and it works like 500mg of one. I’ve never taken medicine as effective as this combination. Didn’t take a full week to notice either.

It’s the combination I’d expect them to use in the nut house. That’s how effective it is, wouldn’t even take a week for me to feel better. Probably doesn’t work as well for other people.