Still no maintenance guy

How long till he gets here? Need a working AC, so Tonka can come back. Can’t go anywhere until he comes either.

He came, and couldn’t fix it. The repair people are coming today I think. If they can’t fix it, I’ll ask for the one in the hallway. I want my dog here.

She is miserable when it’s 80F in here.

Might need to take a dump soon. Should probably wait till after they come though. Woke up feeling like I needed to. Take a laxative and go right now, coffee works. Don’t have any though.

Haha, she thinks I’ll vacuum. Might not have enough time. I don’t like cleaning when there’s no dog here. Also, the floor isn’t to bad in the living room. The kitchen might be.

I moved the coffee table that the TV is on.

Might hold this dump in all day. I want to see and pet Tonka. Tonka will be happy if they fix or replace the AC. She can come back to her apartment. It’s not my apartment, it’s her’s. She just lets me live here, because she needs somebody to give her pets and food and water.