So tempting

The CPU that replaces mine is around $220. On Amazon. I could buy it, but I’d rather keep money in my savings. I paid $300 for mine. And it has a Linux compiling bug. If I can get somebody else to buy it, I might do that.

I could pay them back on the 1st. But I’d rather wait and see if video cards go on sale again.

Don’t care if the video card is AMD or NVIDIA. Hopefully NVIDIA works in my motherboard now. It would be a bummer if it didn’t. A NVIDIA card might fix the problem, there might be something wrong with the AMD driver, that they refuse to fix.

They say the 1060 works, their own brand though. Will a MSI 580 8 GB or MSI 1060 6 GB go on sale? If it doesn’t work, MSI is a moron.

The 580 8 GB that was on sale for $220 only has one DVI port. It’s apparently a repurposed mining card. That’s why the price was so low. I’d rather have one HDMI port, to lazy to use an adapter.