She might be packing a two by four in her panties

Somebody that went to my school. Somebody else said she might have a cock. I wonder what happened to her. She should be over 18 bi now.

I won’t post her name, only know her first name.

When I was sleeping once, it sounded like she said something to somebody else, outside my window. Might of been sarcastic.

Nobody says my name outside my window anymore.

I remember everything everybody else would forget.

There was a guy that went to my school, that said to one person he’s gay, and to me he’s bi. I didn’t give him my new number. Not sure I knew the number to call to tell him anyways. There’s two people I used to talk to, that don’t have my number anymore, because it changed. And I’m an asshole.

The guy that said he was bi, was kind of funny though.

I’d still have two friends, if I gave them the new number, maybe.

He probably thought I’d care if he said he was gay, but not care if he said he’s bi. Don’t care either way anymore, don’t know if I would of cared then. In some ways, I was less of an asshole then.