POF failed

I bypassed their trying to force me to pay, search for each username on Google. Found one of them. Way to young.

The email says the username that wants to meet you, yet when I login to their site, only two people it says want to meet me, I got like five emails. That means three of them changed their minds.

One username found nobody though.

Haha, it did find them, I’m an idiot. Still to young.

Not logged in, so hopefully they won’t know I looked at their profile.

Only two of them can be found on Google. Probably the two it says on their site. So they sent me fake emails.

Shouldn’t they be looking for somebody the same age?

One of them says if you want sex, to go away. Something along those lines. Almost every male on that site wants sex, maybe not the first time they meet you, or even the first six months. There is a high percentage of men on that site that only want sex.

Who knows what I want. I can hardly think.