People randomly talk to me when I go outside

Some guy was trying to talk to me, I heard him say something about somebody in a red shirt. The person with the red shirt might be wanting to kill people or something. He clearly didn’t know who he was talking to, I don’t care if somebody murders me. I do care if somebody murders my dog or a family member.

The other day, somebody said something, I think she said good morning, didn’t exactly hear her, was picking Tonka’s poop up. Then she got closer and said hi while looking at me. I said hi, and that’s the last time I saw her.

Hmm, I might be sexist, only responding to certain people. Oh wait, some guy was asking what day it is, I said June 6th or whatever day it was, then he said Monday, Tuesday… And I said Friday or whatever day it was. That guy was kind of demanding though. I should of ignored him, can’t figure out what day it is. Get a phone, or a watch.

That answers that, there’s more women, then the one that avoids me now. That’s good news, I don’t need to apologize or anything.

Tap water that’s over 100 ppm or whatever, tastes better then ZeroWater at 002 ppm. I dumped the pitcher out, and cleaned it. It’s refilling now. I should use it without the filter, you aren’t supposed to have to change it till it says 006. How come tap water tastes fine?