Not cool in the kitchen

Took the fan out of bedroom, now the fan is blowing hopefully cold air into the kitchen. Tonka doesn’t like heat, she’s got a fur coat. Will it light the surge protector on fire? That’s the only plug where I put the fan.

Apparently fans don’t use a lot of power. Heating stuff does though. Hmm, make my apartment look like the inside of my case, or sound like it. Already does with the AC, that’s all I can hear. Loud ass fans in case I can’t hear. Oh wait, there’s another outlet, in the kitchen, it might reach that one, and nobody will trip over the cord.

Now I need another fan for my bedroom. Not moving it, you have to get on the floor to unplug it, there’s a short table in front of the outlet.

Just sleep naked, I’ll need to wash the sheets everyday though.

Now to wipe my old phone. First remove the PIN, so TWRP can format it. It’s restoring the stock ROM now, it’s 8.1, didn’t have that before I switched ROMs.

Whoever buys it, can lock the bootloader. Or I can, after I look up the command.

Have to reflash to lock it. Says it locked it, and I didn’t reflash anything.