Might of fixed the latency issue in my Windows VM

Removed a SCSI controller that wasn’t being used. Just played a game of Fortnite, and it was fine. Battlefield 1 will be the real test.

That’s good news, I don’t need a new video card. Battlefield 1 looks fine on low settings, and it might handle medium.

I’ll buy a new video card someday, once AMD gives you 1080 performance for a lot less money. NVIDIA will have something way better for a lot more money.

The AMD RX 470 is as good as the NVIDIA 970. That’s why I bought it, sold the 970, and replaced it with AMD.

A 470 with 8 GB of VRAM would be better, mine only has 4 GB. Higher then 1080p, apparently you need more VRAM.

Nope, Battlefield 1 still has big FPS drops, which causes stuttering. Most likely the USB ethernet adapter, somebody said using a USB adapter fixed some of their problems. I updated the driver, and that didn’t fix it. Going to try the bridge now.

Does the same thing with the bridge. Nothing triggers the drops, it’s random. You’d think explosions would trigger it, nope.

Will you get FPS drops if Windows treats an external drive as an internal drive? Wasn’t passing through the USB device with the drive, it was the /dev/drive and set to VirtIO. I’ll see later if passing through the USB device works better. Probably not.

Might be better, except the new USB ethernet driver managed to make my ping high on all the servers it shows. Before some of them had a 49 ms ping, now all over 100. Just use the bridge, since there’s no benefit to using the USB.

Fortnite runs better now too. Probably need a new video card to keep Battlefield 1 at 60 FPS. Fortnite goes a little under 60, don’t think it’s on low settings though. Card could be semi damaged, from mining for a month or longer.