Maybe I should buy a portable AC

Put it in my room. That might make the dog happy. She probably wouldn’t need a fan blowing on her at night anymore. Probably won’t cool any other room off.

How long is the hose? Cause my bed is by the window.

I think somebody in the building has one. Problem is, you might have to drain it, at least the cheap $219 one on Walmart’s site. Why not shoot the water out the hose? Then if somebody is standing outside, they get water on their head. And I get complaints.

A window AC is cheaper, heavy as fuck, and you have to put it in the window.

Cheap though, $130. Will it fit in the window? And do they pay for back surgery? You have to order online, Walmart is out of stock at the store. Might as well buy from Amazon. Do they make one that jumps into the window? So you don’t break your back?