iPhone SE is faster then the Moto X4

Who knew a $50 phone would smoke a $250 phone. That’s how much I paid for the iPhone SE refurbished. The service was an additional $35, so about $94 after tax.

Now to email them, and ask if I can pay more money to get it unlocked sooner then 12 months. The unlocking sites for Straight Talk iPhones are scams.

Old phone must not of synced the calendar with Google, doesn’t show up on the iPhone. Only two things, just re added them. They make switching antidepressants complicated.

If they won’t sell me an unlock, I’ll probably keep Straight Talk for 12 months. It is on Verizon, according to the Speedtest app, the phone says TFW.

Another option is, to ask if it’ll work on Tracfone, that’s cheaper then Straight Talk.

Oh and if you have an account on a different brand, and you try using that email, it’ll tell you to contact support. She said “Okay.” when I gave her my bogus Yahoo email.

Must have a Net10 account too, but I just found the Straight Talk account, nice password. Doubt it works.

You can’t email them. Boohoo, don’t want to use the chat. Won’t have the money till next month either. They’ll probably charge $100. Not bad $150 for an iPhone SE. No having to buy a stolen one on eBay.

The screen might be worse, and it’s smaller. Not something to fault a $50 phone for. She likes em small anyways.

The camera is better too, and that’s with the stock camera app. That might be the only option on an iPhone, it’s the only one you need.

You can’t let apps bypass Do Not Disturb.

The screen protector isn’t completely aligned, but there’s nu bubbles on the screen. There is above the screen. The home button is aligned, I thought aligning that would align the rest, I was wrong.

Now nobody knows my cell number, only Google Voice. All numbers calling it directly, are wrong numbers.

There’s a private mode in Safari, if you need to look at porn. Let’s see how long I can go without looking at porn. I went a year once.

Smaller fingers would be helpful.

I should put the Moto X4 on eBay. They might want the stock ROM, and not unlocked. Relocking won’t get rid of the message, it has zero warranty now.

Need to connect it to my computer, to back it up. Have to use Windows though, no iTunes for Linux. Maybe tomorrow.