I won't be surprised if I'm in a full blown untreatable depression tomorrow

I watched the last part of the Kalief Browder documentary. They didn’t explain how the ivy grows just down his window.

I was crying quite a bit in the last episode. His mom dies too.

The only good thing that happened, is they are closing Rikers Island, it could be closed by now. Maybe not, I think that was last year some time, said it’ll take a few years.

They did the time trick on his mom too, delay the lawsuit against the city, until she died. They also had a wrongful death case against the city.

Didn’t know you could see messages that nobody else can. Did they hack his phone? Or was he hallucinating?

He died, because somebody else stole a backpack. His case was dismissed.

His mom died of a heart attack.

Oh and his dad is a dick, he didn’t care about his kids, and he’s trying to get money too. All he cares about is money. His mom wanted justice for her son.

The good news is, I won’t do anything about the broken system. I’ll just hide from society.

Solitary confinement should be illegal. Shouldn’t be allowed at all.

Did they plant that ivy?