Had to clean my pitcher out again

Water tastes funny, possibly like soap. Either I didn’t get all the soap out of it last time, or soap got in the filter.

Will drinking soap kill you? If so, I’ll be getting an accidental death certificate.

Changed the filter too, super slow at filtering. Filters some of it, then just sits there for way to long. I was going to wait till next weekend, when I get the batteries for my water tester. Apparently I don’t like the taste of soap enough to wait. I shook the filter, and water came out. Probably clogged up.

One of these months, I need to pay $100 for I forgot how many. If it’s ten, that’s cheaper then paying over $15 per filter. A twelve pack is $115. Or pay $15.88 for one at a time. That’s almost $200 for twelve months, after tax it might be. $190 and some cents is close enough to $200.

I think ZeroWater has a recycling thing. You get $5. Do they pay shipping? It’s useless, you have to send at least two in. And you pay shipping. Not paying shipping to get a five dollar coupon. That they don’t offer anyways.

Didn’t need to clean it or change the filter, water tastes the same. Or maybe it doesn’t. Hard to tell.