Five bots want to meet me

How many bots are on POF? Didn’t login to my account to see if there’s any messages. Just looked at my email, said five people most likely bots, want to meet me.

I just emailed the office, about my broken air conditioner.

Could be a setup too, they might rob you at gunpoint. In my case, they’d shoot me, because I don’t care. And they get to go to prison for stupidity.

Talking to bots is better then nothing though.

Haha, logged in, only two people do.

Did they not look at my profile? They want children, I sure as hell don’t. I should say no.

Also, she’s younger then me. Can’t see who the other person is. Probably not until I click No, Maybe, Super Yes, or Yes. Haha, I lied, I can’t view anybody that wants to meet me, without paying. The thing I was looking at, isn’t actually who wants to meet me. Useless site, thinking I’ll give them money. Free my ass. Probably bots that they made to trick you into paying them. It’s a scam.

Now to click No on most of them. They are all younger then me, that’s an automatic no.

Is it a yes, if they almost give you a boner? That’s a maybe. Another maybe, even know she’s one year younger.

No yeses, all maybes or nos. That’s a yes, because she likes video games.

That’s kind of boring, clicking No, Maybe, Super Yes, or Yes.