emulatorpin might be a good idea

Apparently the VM itself, not the guest, is using all of the assigned cores & threads. Or something. That could be the cause of the random FPS drops.

Why doesn’t it use the other cores/threads? Let Windows have full access to the eight threads.

And the USB ethernet card isn’t the cause of high pings, apparently people only play on high ping for me servers.

Still waiting for the newest 4.17 kernel to compile. Sucks I can’t use all threads, it’ll get a segment fault if I do, and I’d have to unisolate the other half of the CPU.

And it’s most likely the network bridge. And possibly the USB ethernet too. Going to remove the network from it, and run the latency checker.

Oh and don’t set emulatorpin to any cores being used by the VM.

The USB ethernet adapter might be fine now. Just wait for Windows to be completely idle, and then test the latency. Whenever it is opening something, it’ll spike the latency. That’s probably the problem. Maybe VirtIO sucks.

Downloaded LatencyMon, and the highest is DirectX. Does that mean it’s the video card? Or the AMD driver. I could downgrade it, but that’s about it. Or reinstall it.

Maybe the real time kernel will help. Nothing on Google when searching for Manjaro and qemu. Should of searched for Arch Linux, that could apply to Manjaro. Or better, switch distros.