Does Battlefield 1 work now?

Got 16 GB more of RAM. Not cheap, and not easy to install. Had to unscrew the CPU cooler, now the cooler is sitting on top of one of the sticks.

You are supposed to apply new thermal paste when doing that. The temperature is 31C. But that could be because there’s more RAM, all at 2933 MHz or whatever AMD does it at, not exactly 3000 MHz. Close enough.

Maybe I should use the slower profile. Or increase the fan speed, because 31C will burn my apartment down.

I isolated the CPUs and enabled hugepages.

37C with Windows running. No games yet, because Battlefield 1 is downloading an update.

I doubt my RAM is certified by MSI, not two, or four sticks.

I managed to reset the bios, was clicking the wrong key to get into the bios. Every time you add or remove RAM, it’ll say it’s changed and to either enter setup, or load default settings.

Cut my thumb too.

That answers that, you don’t need a 32 GB kit. Just the same brand and model.

The A/C might be dead, probably the reason for the increased temperature.