Benchmark of a $50 phone

The iPhone SE, faster then the Moto X4, look at the single core score. Good luck getting an Android phone for $50 that comes anywhere close.

Benchmarks are kind of useless though. It does seem faster though.

Funny, it only has two cores, the Moto X4 has more, and can’t even beat the iPhone’s multi-core score.

The phone is only $50, if you buy the refurbished Straight Talk bundle, the service is $35.

Wasn’t planning on switching my carrier, a lying article said it works with other carriers, maybe other Tracfone brands, but not Cricket. The live chat is gone on Straight Talk’s site. Or my extension is blocking it. Nope, nothing is blocking it. I wanted to ask if I can pay to unlock it, instead of pay them $35 a month for 12 months. I’ll pay $100 to unlock it. Not until next month though, if it’s $100.

Will the upgraded Mac mini have an ARM based CPU? I’ll buy it if it does.