Yogurt popped open on the way home

One on each four pack came off, but only one popped itself open.

Scared the dog, she tried getting in the front seat to get in my lap. She had to actually say she can’t drive with the dog up there for me to stop her. All dogs are welcome in my lap, except for Chibi, she causes agitation. I’d let a dog that weighs more then me in my lap. Dogs are great for laps, nice and fluffy, you can pet em non stop.

One of her cats is great for laps too, he’s fluffy and fat. I’d still rather have a dog in my lap, a big dog.

Since we went to Yokes, I have to get more yogurt on the weekend, only Safeway and Walmart have a bigger thing of the yogurt I get. Maybe Winco does. Costco has big things of yogurt.