Yes, it's the end of the world if she doesn't like me anymore

There was no rejection. Just me massively screwing it up before any friendship or anything else could be made.

Might of been happier if I was born with no eyes or ears. Then I’d never know what a woman is. I’d probably still wear diapers, and I wouldn’t know.

Also, everybody’s advice is crap. Going outside more does not work. Barely see anybody outside.

Somebody that went to my school on Facebook, doesn’t allow friend requests. I don’t send messages. She sent me a message, I deleted my account instead of reading it.

I think I know how to get banned from Facebook, change the picture to my middle finger. Or add an additional photo, of my middle finger. What are they going to do? Sue me? Enjoy, I have no money.

She’s not missing much from avoiding me, or being gone, or whatever.

If I lose my conscious, what happens to my body? Maybe it’ll go in full robot mode.