When will AMD fix their Windows driver?

Never. The open source Linux AMD driver is alright, better then the closed source one probably, good luck playing games with it though.

And I had to disable something to get rid of flickering. In the Grub boot command.

The Windows driver has issues if you run Windows in a VM. Does the NVIDIA driver have issues too? Not enough money in my checking to buy the 1060 to find out. Good luck getting me to transfer money from my savings before I have 1k in it.

You can get a dual fan 1060 6 GB for $300, it’s PNY, the brand doesn’t matter that much, just choose NVIDIA or AMD.

How long till my AMD RX 470 dies? It was used for mining for like three months. Fans were at full speed though.

The problem with the driver now is weird stuttering at 60 FPS. The newer driver says it might have stuttering too. So upgrading is useless. It’ll be a couple years before it’s fixed, and my video card won’t run tic tack toe on low settings then.

AMD should sell their video to Intel, nobody seems to complain about Intel’s video driver. Maybe they can make a working driver. Or AMD could hire different people to rewrite it. I can’t even open the overlay, probably because the stupid game uses alt.

AMD’s CPUs are fine, but their video driver needs to be rewritten. Probably reusing pre AMD driver code. Before AMD bought ATI. Go in a time machine, convince the US to prohibit AMD from buying ATI, then they can suck by themselves, and cease to exist once I never get back to my time.