That’s the reading from my water meter in my ZeroWater pitcher. You are supposed to change it at 006. Must be drinking a lot of water, don’t think it’s been two months yet, since I last changed it.

Looks like faucet water till tomorrow. That’s when the new filter comes. The water smells like fish. Just washed the pitcher out after dumping it out.

Should of bought another smaller pitcher, then the filter on the main one will last longer. You put the new filter on the main one, and old filter on the smaller one. So the smaller one never has a new filter. Should filter it somewhat, making the other one last longer.

Why no next and previous link on this post? Probably because the title is 027.

Haha, if it has a digit in the URL only title, at the beginning, it won’t get the next and previous posts. Replaced it with just “water” and now it works.