Ubiquiti Networks ER-X EdgeRouter X

How hard is it to setup? Should do VLANs. The problem would be setting it up. Can it be used as a controller for their APs? Or do I still have to run that on my desktop? Not buying their little stick that does it. Or maybe I should, that would be cheaper.

Is it as easy as pfSense to setup?

I have a ethernet Switch, so I only need two ethernet ports. That has 3, the other two are PoE. The other two ports do data too.

I don’t have any technical know how. Just a cock in my pants.

I might buy it anyways, even though my cock can’t set it up, it has no fingers to type with. Where do you buy it for $49? B&H wants $60.

It only does 500 Mbps. That’s plenty for the US. I wouldn’t recommend using 1000 Mbps 24/7 on Comcast, you’ll get a huge bill. It costs $60 on Newegg too.

-1 star because many people are better served with a consumer grade WiFi all-in-one router.

Maybe so, I prefer WiFi on it’s own VLAN. It will get hacked again, and they won’t have access to my wired network. Even if I shut the WiFi off, and they were only on for a second, probably enough time to plant malware.

If you wait till July, you can get it for $50. Nice, Micro Center has it for $50 too. Lame, $5.99 shipping. B&H is faster or not, took a week last time. They claim they have expedited shipping, mine took a week.

Netgear is the worst brand, you can’t fully disable WPS, it isn’t protected, it’s easy to crack. They most likely destroyed that router by doing who knows what. They might of killed a Netgear switch too.

No order number. Hopefully I ordered the right thing.