Tello drone

Not that great, it has to be windless to fly outside. A slight amount of wind will knock it down. You do get an extra battery for free, if you order from

I can use it to remake my Stop Obsessing photo. A view from above. Great use of a drone. Might be cheaper to make the tripod go as tall as it goes.

No thanks, you have to pay $5 to register it. Every three years.

No need to register, it weighs less then 0.55 pounds.

There we go, got a drone coming too now. Got two things for $200 or a little more, instead of a watch I don’t need.

I should get three batteries, one included, one for free, and I bought the third one. Shitty fly time, probably will need three more. I wanted it for the camera. You get cool pictures if you are above. I’d never mount my camera to any drone, I don’t trust myself, or anyone else.

Need to upgrade the firmware on my Steam controller, to enable the bluetooth.