Tello drone

The drone I don’t really need, kind of talked into getting, came today.

Takes longer then 20 minutes to charge the battery, according to the instructions. Think it said an hour and 30 minutes, and I have two additional batteries. You get one free if you buy directly from them until the 17th.

The three port charger is out of stock. You can get third party ones for more then the official one.

You connect to it by WiFi from your phone. The AP it makes might be open as well, meaning somebody can hijack it fairly easy. Just kick the owner off, and fly it to you, and you got a cheapo drone. They won’t be smuggling drugs or people with it.

Problem with doing that, is the owner can then hijack it back. It’ll be a war, to see who can stay connected long enough.

My laptop is great for putting stuff on.

You might be able to put a password on the network, if it’s WEP, easy to crack. I was looking at the app, the drone is off though, it’s charging.

One battery is charged, might of took an hour. Who knows what charger the instructions is based on. Mine supports faster charging, don’t know what it was charging at, I’d have to plug the cable into a USB thing that’ll tell me.

Not really hard to fly, and that’s with a phone. Crashed once on the ceiling, and it fell and turned off. The battery might of gotten loose. Charging the second battery. Bluetooth controller would be better, but the Steam Controller probably isn’t compatible.

Pictures are worse then my phone, at least indoors. You can fly it inside or outside. Tonka doesn’t like it, she left the room.

It’ll drain your phone’s battery too.

Also, depending on your phone, it might be a pain to connect, you’ll have no internet on the WiFi connection to the drone. I had to say yes to stay connected, but sometimes after reconnecting, the app isn’t working, have to toggle the WiFi. I put a shitty password on it.

Now, I need $400 for a better drone from them.