Stuff it all in one washer

What happens if you use to much soap? Probably a soapy mess. I don’t think you are supposed to fill the cap all the way up, but I can’t remember anything.

Better wear my shoes when I go down there.

There was stuff in the other washer. Almost time to see if I broke the washer.

Apparently 9:24 am is to late to use both washers.

No soapy mess on the floor. Wasn’t done yet though. Almost. Like three minutes. Didn’t feel like waiting in there.

I wonder who else is doing laundry. If it’s the woman that hates me, she might see me. She probably won’t go in there, and just go back to her apartment and wait for me to leave. Nope, not her. Somebody else, I forgot her name.

Surprised the washer never breaks when I do a huge load. It can take a beating.